MacOS Lion Caveats - 1. Issues

I use mainly for keeping several calendars and my contacts in sync over three Macs, an iPad and my iPhone. This worked mostly like a charm - until Lion came along. For whatever reason, syncing is completely broken on my iMac.

I haven't had the time to investigate yet, but it is completely nixed. All my contacts are gone from this device (luckily only from the iMac) and calendars are not being updated.

*** Update Aug. 11, 2011

After much research and almost no results (am I really the only user of Lion with this issue???), I set up a new user and connected it to to sync. Lo and behold, everything works fine, so quite obviously, the Lion upgrade screwed something up with my user account. I may have to switch to a new user and re-do all my settings just to fix this...

Apple, please, send us 10.7.1!
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