MacOS Mountain Lion Upgrade - First Impression

Today, I upgraded my Lion Notebook to Mountain Lion.

The only apparent problem was with Mail - likely due to an issue with a plugin, it would freeze after about 20% of upgrading the mail database.

Some research gave the correct answer by a user called registerednderd on

The Library folder has been hidden, starting in Lion. To access it, in finder, go to Go > Go to folder, and type "~/Library"
1. Force Quit Mail
2. Open Finder
3. Go > Go to Folder
4. Type in "~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData" (no quotes)
5. There are three files that start with "Envelopes," delete them
6. Re-open Mail
The upgrade should now proceed normally.

Thanks, registerednderd!

So far, Mountain Lion seems stable enough, time will tell.
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