Hole too big?

If you have a craving desire to collect electric guitars (like I do) - and you prefer older instruments - then you will, more often than not, have to do some cosmetic repairs on the newly acquired instruments.

A Westone I recently picked up (for a killer price) had an issue with the top side strap hole being much too large. Someone had obviously drilled into the instrument here, no idea why, and then compensated by putting a massive screw through the strap holder thingie. When I went to bolt on strap locks (I use the same type on all guitars, so I just need a few straps lying around), it became quickly obvious that the diminutive (yet standard) screw that came with the new strap lock would hold.

Since the huge screw that had held the strap holder in place wasn't that firm either (the hole was really huge, at least 3mm), I looked on the internet for good ways to close up the hole. I came across this really excellent idea of using tooth picks and wood glue to fill the screw hole, and decided to try it right away. With excellent results! It took two halves of a toothpick that I had previously coated in wood glue (just goes to show how much hole there was to fill). The standard strap lock screw went in nice and tight and will keep the strap lock on just fine.